Welcome to RainbowMums.com, your guide to one of New England's most unique plant nurseries. Drawing on 30 years of experience in horticultural production, Rainbow Mums can offer what other garden centers and big retail outlets cannot: healthy, fresh, garden-ready plants that are produced entirely on site! For photos and in-depth descriptions, check out our products guide.

We make selections easy, whether you're stopping in for a quick gift or rejuvenating your entire yard. Display gardens are all around, filled with thoughtful combinations of plants that we currently grow. Get ideas for planting gardens, borders or living fences with our landscaped-sized perennials.

Our collection of flowering perennials, sedums, ornamental grasses, and much more.

Shade Gardening

We grow over 100 different Hostas. Discover our collection of 10 striking ferns, 10 flowering astilbes, and 6 multicolored Heuchera.

Daylilies: the Biggest You'll Find!

You'll find a great selection of Daylilies in the hottest new colors, reblooming types, and landscaping stalwarts, such as, the "Stella d'oro" series, "Pardon Me", "Fragrant" and "Happy Returns", and many others. Started with the largest divisions available they are sure to thrive in your sun garden.

"Sheering and Feeding"

Try this with late blooming Asters, returning Hardy Mums, Asteromea, Eupatorium, upright Phlox, Bee Balm, Catmint, and many other vigorous fall bloomers: Using a sharp garden scissors and Osmocote fertilizer, go around to your perennials that always get too tall before they flower...
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Perennials open Saturday May 7th, 2016

Get back to the garden this summer! Rejuvenate your yard starting Saturday May 7th.