Since 1985 Rainbow Mums has been a seasonal plant nursery, open for 2017 from May 5th to October 31st. We offer fresh, "new crop" perennials and grasses from early-summer through fall. We have New England's Best Selection of Hardy Mums and perennial asters, available starting in August.

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Every year since 1985 we have tried to respond to the changing needs of the gardeners who shop here. We feel that this year we have made more progress than ever towards being the real "old fashioned" nursery that we all fondly remember from our past. We accomplish that by propagating and growing from scratch each and every plant that we sell here. Many of our plants are kept outside over the winter for up to 3 years before they are sold! Whether you are shopping for a gift, a special flowering shrub for that spot right outside the kitchen window, or need to replant the whole front of your house. You'll find that we have the selection of both tried and true perennials and grasses, plus many that you have never heard of before. All grown to perfection and waiting to come home with you!

Today's big-box garden centers simply can't compare to Rainbow Perennials & Mums. Rather than buying plants in and keeping them barely alive until they sell, we are constantly growing and feeding our perennials. Everywhere you turn you'll find groups of sparkling, organized, happy plants that are out in the sun, or under a tree or in the beautiful new shade houses. Since you can see where we are growing them, you'll know the exact light they should be grown in. Informative and educational signs abound outlining water requirements and what other plants grow well with what you like or already have at home.

And so the most important reason to become a regular customer of Rainbow Perennials & Mums will become apparent the minute you step out of your car. Here at our farm, you will shop among plants of incomparable quality, and you will find great everyday values as well as special purchases. You will speak directly to the family that has raised the plants. We will design whole areas for you free of charge, and help get you started with printed planting instructions, and lists of literary references for further reading and study. We will help you to your car and even help you pack the plants when you get carried away and buy too many to fit!

Expanding your gardening plans is a great and economical way to enjoy spending more of your summer months at home. While itty bitty perennials you can buy elsewhere may take 2 to 3 years to become established and full of flowers, Rainbow Perennials and mums are so much larger and healthier, that you will find you have a full-grown planting this year. And that will make the time and money you spend on your garden instantly rewarding!

We look forward to seeing you this summer here at our farm. We have added many new perennial plants and grasses and increased our shade plants and ground covers tremendously! Try to come a few times during the season as we now definitely have new plants and grasses coming down from our growing area just about everyday. Help us to make our 32nd year the best ever!