Hydrangea 2016

Annabelle - 3-4'
Most prolific flower producer, white ball-shaped flower with light green leaves Best for difficult areas, will grow and flower anywhere. Use for naturalizing in large masses. Zone 4.

Blue Billow - 2'
Most dependable & prettiest blue lacecap with perfectly dome shaped plant. Excellent foundation plant.

Glowing Embers - 3-4'
Almost red to orange red flowers in fall, short & strong. Really different color for hydrangeas.

Limelight - 6' NEW
Late blooming paniculata huge football shaped flowers, open in an elegant celadon green that looks fresh and clean in summer heat.
Blooms age to an array of pink, red and burgundy to frost. Zone 3

Penny Mac - 5'
Better plant habit than "Endless Summer" and very prolific blue flowers. Can flower twice in one season.

Pia - 18-24"
Miniature pink with white highlights, ball shaped flowers, in very acid soil flowers are purple.

Pee Wee - 3-4' NEW
This miniature Oak leaf hydrangea is best used as a hedge. Showy large pure white flowers are distinct and long-lasting.

Quick Fire - 6' NEW
The first to bloom! Quick Fire blooms a month before other paniculata hydrangea. Flowers open white then turn pink, and go to maroon in the fall. Blooms after even the harshest winters. Zone 3

Unique - 6-8'
Vase shaped, paniculata, white cone shaped flowers, sun or shade. Zone 4.