The use of Ornamental Grasses as specimens, grouped in an island, as a living fence or a massed border is increasing in popularity across the Northeast. Ornamental grass is an inexpensive way to adorn very large areas with plants that create dramatic effects of shape and movement along with unusual and pleasing sounds, sort of a "natural wind chime".

Ornamental Grasses planted in the perennial border keep your bed from becoming a flat, dead looking area in the winter months, with golden and silver plumage that stands erect in all but the most fierce storms. A simple cutting away of last year's foliage in April is the only yearly maintenance required. Grasses thrive on neglect and are drought tolerant once established. They also require very little, if any, fertilizing.

As you can probably tell, our high praise for grasses has come from having had well over 150 grass plants growing on our property for some years now. Over 1/3 of all perennial plants sold here each year are grasses.

We have Ornamental Grasses that range from 8 inches tall to 10 feet! Some of the smaller colored tufted grasses have grown exceedingly popular in the last few years, and our selection has increased accordingly. Although most prefer full sun, at least 30 of the grasses we grow do well in shade to part shade. Don't price grasses by pot size. Our grasses will take faster and perform better than anyone else's.
Almost all grasses are $14.95 each, Miscanthus and Molinia are $16.95 and Hakonechloa are $19.95.

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