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Starting our season in early May, Rainbow Mums Perennial selections favor bloom times of June thru late summer and fall. Since most perennial purchases are made in spring, most perennial gardens are often finished flowering in mid summer, and completely drab by the fall.

We carry hundreds of flowering perennials that start their season of bloom, when your garden is beginning to tire out! Once you realize what a rich world of mid and late season color and textures awaits you, you'll shop here every year. No ordinary garden center can offer such a vast array of large and inexpensive plants with a mid-to-late season accent!

All plants are produced here at our farm. You'll see anoticeable difference in size, health, color of leaves and overall quality from other places you've shopped.

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We grow over 100 varieties of the most sought after, and many award winning Hosta, including every "Hosta of the Year" since 1996. Because of our huge inventory, a fantatic selection is available all summer long, however, for large numbers (25 or more) of any one cultivar a visit in June or early July would be a must.

Our 2 gallon Hostas are 3 or more years old. We do not divide ourHosta to propagate new plants, therefore you will always get a mature plant that has multiple stems and a highly developed root system. Plants measure 14" to 24" across. Available for $16.95.

Save on Miniature Hostas. We have 15 varieties of miniature hostas that are absolutely adorable. Those plants all have a finished size of under 12" wide. There is a wide range of leaf colors and habits. Many of the varieties are vigorous and can be divided just like the larger varieties. Use around shaded patios, walkways, or a birdbath. Sold in deep quart pots, they are a bargain at only $12.95 each!

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Often overlooked as a source of summer and fall color, the Hydrangea has become one of our most popular plants. Sold as a shrub, Hydrangeas are often too expensive to experiment with, and selection is limited. But at Rainbow Mums Perennials, hydrangeas are only $19.95 and $24.95 each.
We typically grow more than 10 varieties.

Hydrangeas respond to acid in the soil by enhancing their color. In neutral soil, most hydrangea will be varying shades of pink from soft baby pink to intense orange bordering on red. In acid soil depending on variety, hydrangeas can range from soft blue to almost purple. Landscapers have confirmed that our hydrangeas start up quicker, and bloom better than larger more expensive plants they have tried.

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Roses are back again for 2017, and they're going fast! Some shy away from roses, picturing endless clipping and trimming. But really, all 23 varieties that we grow are low maintenance and flower freely all summer.

Everyone who's tried these easy care roses has come back for more after they fell in love. Since we only have a limited supply, sometimes they've had to wait a whole year to add more to their gardens. Our suggestion: buy all you need the first visit! They won't disappoint! $19.95 each. Quantity discounts available on certain varieties.

See Flowering Perennials catalog for Shrub Rose varieties available.

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Almost any perennial plant, that spreads even a little, can be made into a ground cover. So we have only included the most commonly asked for and popularly used varieties in our list of ground covers that we produce here at Rainbow Perennials. We have ground cover plants for both sunny and shady areas. You may not realize that even several Hostas and some Perennial Geraniums, along with Ostrich and other Native Ferns, several grasses in the Carex family along with the Liriopes, and the Hakonechloa grasses are all superb ground covers. We grow traditional favorites, Pachysandra and Myrtle, along with Lamium, Lamiastrum, Barron Strawberry, Creeping Thyme and a large selection of creeping sedum. The plants are in different sized pots, which make them economical to use as either a specimen or ground cover plant.

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Sedum have been steadily gaining popularity over the years because they thrive in full sun, and dry conditions away from the house and the hose. We grow different varieties every year usually about 15 low growing, and 10 or more upright sedums.

Prized for their interesting colored foliage, sedums offer an array of blooms from pure white, varied yellows and pinks to hot pink thru red. Bloom times are from early spring thru late fall. The upright sedums are striking in their form even before they flower, and the colors they produce in fall are the perfect accent in any New England garden. Add hens and chicks to your order for tucking into walls between rocks where there is almost no soil and a must for any rock garden.

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Texture and excitement in the shade. It only took a year or two of raising our own plants, and seeing the more mature specimens for us to realize how easy they were to grow, and just how beautiful, even majestic they can become in the shade garden, or just naturalized in a woodland setting. We have at least fifteen distinctly different, colorful native ferns that are displayed in our shade house opposite the main nursery. All of our ferns are mature specimens that have survived winter here and will thrive in a shady moist area. Ferns $14.95

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What makes astilbes so popular is the delicate and striking beauty of their feathery blooms in combination with their beautiful and unique foliage. Astilbes possess finely divided, glossy, sometimes fragrant leaves, that are resistant to most insect pests and deer. Their roots are ignored by rodents. They can survive minus 30 degrees and still grow and flourish in a wide variety of moist shady environs. We have some astilbes on our propery in the same spot for nearly 25 years!

For 2017 we're proud to offer our best astilbes ever! As always, the plants are exceedingly full and healthy and may be divided as soon as next year. Astilbes $14.95

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We have a great selection of daylilies all summer long. Our Classic daylilies include great free-flowering rebloomers such as the "Stella d'oro" series, "Pardon Me", "Fragrant" and "Happy Returns" and many other landscaping stalwarts. Our Premium daylilies include the hottest new colors developed recently. Many award winning rebloomers and uniquely colored flowers, such as "El Desperado", "Blackthorne", "Scottish Fantasy", "Raspberry Suede", "Stephanie Returns" and many more.
Classic daylilies and Premium daylilies $14.95.

See Flowering Perennials catalog at top of page for Hemerocallis (Daylily) varieties available.

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